Body Hints Summary


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INSTRUCTIONS: Some of the Body Hints will require a mirror for you to check (such as hints from face and tongue), so it's advisable to have one nearby before starting.  Start when you have enough time to complete it (average times have been half an hour).  

This list is about what is going on with your body, now.  So if you have past history of a symptom or no symptom at all, leave the checked box as "0".

The "1" column gets checked If your body is giving you this hint currently or intermittently.

The "2"  column will give the weight of the hint double that of the "1" column, so only check this box if it is causing you to change your life, meaning it is your "Chief Complaint".

An example would be if you have heartburn occasionally, but it does not affect what you eat or your sleep, then check the "1" column.  On the other hand, without medication for it, the pain keeps you awake at night, or you need to follow a strict diet, then check the "2" box.

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Aches or pain that are roving
Aneurysm - Diagnosed tendency or threat
Spider veins
Chemical or scent sensitivity
Tendency to be colder than others
PH is usually low (acidic)
Diagnosed mineral deficiency, such as calcium
Edema (swelling or retaining water)
Edema or retaining water in breasts
Hemrrhoids or Fissures
Growth issues
Growth issues - impaired in children
Petite in stature
Antibodies - lack of
Immune System is weak
Food sensitivities
Mucus membranes inflamed, red, or itchy
A different body odor than normal
Premature Aging
Shaky / tremors
Thirsty - not relieved by drinking water
Excess water secretions, such as watery eyes, spittle, etc.
General weakness
Weakness during endurance exercises
Energy lacking
Physical fatigue
Physical fatigue particularly in mid-afternoon
Overall tired feeling beyond the norm
A dislike of exercise
Weight Issues - General
More barrel chested than years ago
Excess weight but it's firm all over,
Excess weight but it's "squishy" all over
Excess weight, but it's pear shape
Bloating after meals
Firm beer belly
Flabby belly
Heart burn, gerd, or indigestion
Frequent Nausea
Nausea along with poor appetite
Crusty skin on knees or elbow
Back - Disc problems
Back pain - general
Poor Posture
Base of neck - Protrusion between C6-C7
SpinaBifida in fetus
Back - Thick between shoulder blades
Excess Bleeding when cut
Slow blood clotting time when cut
Blood is too thick or too thin
At risk of blood Clots (strokes)
Low oxygen levels
Blood is a pale color
High Cholesterol
High blood pressure (HPB)
Blood Pressure not controlled (up & down)
Blood Sugar level imbalances
Diebetes II or low blood sugar
Triglycerides high
Type A blood type = Trouble digesting protein is more likely
Type O = trouble digesting carbs is more likely
White blood cell count low
General body inflammation issues (such as arthritis, chronic pain, heart disease, neuropathy, etc.)
Bones - general
Brittle bones
Thinning bones
Joint pain (check iron excess)
Joint stiffness
TMJ (jaw joint pain or locking)
Fibrocystic breasts
Fluid retention in the breasts
Tenderness in the breasts
Any Auto-immune disease
History of Bells Pallsy
Carpel tunnel (anterior wrist pain)
Fainting when rising (or feeling like you will)
Any genetic disease
Morning sickness
Motion sickness
Syndrome X (This is a combination of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and blood sugar issues or high triglycerides)
Diagnosed Pancreas issues
Hearing issues
An angled crease in the ear lobes (pointing towards shoulder)
Adrenal stress (any type of sustained stress can cause the Adrenal glands to be overworked)
Hormone regulation issues
Thyroid Issues
Blood shot eyes
Dark circles under the eyes towards the nose
Dark circles under the eyes towards outer edge
Darker area above the eye by side of nose
Circles under the eyes that are red (sign of allergies)
Eyes having trouble adjusting to distance changes (close up to far away)
Dry, burning, or puffy eyes
Floaters in the eyes (test by looking at ceiling or blue sky)
Eye lashes angle towards your nose
Macular degeneration (check lutein levels)
Near sightedness
Night vision difficulty
Excess Tears
Watery eyes (especially by lashes)
Pupil enlarged
Pupil pulsing
Hooded eye lid (skin below eye brow covers part or all of eye lid)
Gall Bladder has been removed (check lecithin)
History of Gall Badder stones
Hair - general issues
Dry or lusterless hair
Oily hair
Hair falling out
Premature gray hair
Scaly scalp
Thinning hair
Hair loss pattern on top of head (or thinning so you can see through to scalp)
Hair loss in temporal region
Hair loss in front by hair line
Hair loss in both front and temporal regions
Hair loss at crown
Hair loss at side burn area
Cold hands and/or feet
Nerve issues
Smelly feet
Hands turned in when standing (palms facing backward)
Hands or feet tingling or loss of feeling
Large toe pressed towards 2nd toe
Small toe pressed in towards 4th toe
Extra long 2nd toe
Skin on heals cracks often
Walk heavy on the heals
Swelling of hands and/or feet
Missing outer third of eye brow
Acne on face
Acne that is dry, white and thready
Acne on jaw line
Slow healing acne
White heads
Red cheeks red
3 lines on forhead are not continuous (broken)
Wrinkle between brows, towards right
Wrinkle between brows, towards left
Mustash in female
Zipper lip wrinkles
Irritated skin within the diamond made by nose, mouth, and chin (often red)
Clicking in ears when opening jaw
Soreness in front of ears (in front of flap that we use when we want to plug our ears)
Hardness or tenderness in salivary glands under jaw line
Holding tension in the jaw, or grinding/clenching teeth at night
Irregular heart beat (palpitations)
Rapid heart beat
Diagnosed circulation issues
Diagnosed cellular oxidation conditions
Cardiovascular disease
Diagnosed muscle weakness of the heart
Crohnes or colitis
Abdominal cramps and/or constipation
Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
Diagnosed Bile formation issues
Diagnosed liver disease
Can't take deep breath
Chest breathing (instead of breathing with abdomen and diaphragm)
Airborne allergies (Note: can be a sign of a weak immune system)
Nightshade veggie sensitivity
Wheat sensitivity
Impaired breathing
Liking the window open at night
Clarity of thought lacking
Concentration lacking
History of brain injury
Learning disability
Memory issues
Reading comprehension
Suppressed appetite
Chronic Fatigue
Cravings- general
Alcohol cravings
Chocolate cravings
Salty food cravings
Salty & crunchy food cravings
Sugar cravings
Difficulty with decision making
Mental fatigue
Eating disorders
Hunger for what unknown
Mood swings
Maternal instincts lacking
MS (Multiple Sclerosis)
Nervous tension
Hyper/hypo conditions
Noise sensitivity (Ex: jump at sudden sounds)
Hard time handling Stress
Bad Breath
Bad breath if 1 hr after eating
Corners of mouth cracked
Dry mouth (many medications can cause this)
Inflammed mouth
Excess Saliva
Mouth sores (like canker sores)
Loss of taste
Bottom lip bigger in proportion to upper lip (indicates constipation)
Loose teeth or receding gums
Bleeding gums
Tooth decay
Tip of tongue quivers or is rounded up when you stick it out
Edges of tongue are scalloped (teeth marks remaining)
Crack down the center of tongue
Yellow coating on tongue
White coating on tongue
Strawberry burns on tongue showing up as smooth red spots
Inflamed tongue
Painful, burning tongue
Contraction of muscles is weak
Reflex of muscles is slow or weak
Difficult to relax muscles
Coordination lacking or balance is off
Muscle cramps at night
Muscle cramps during exercise
Muscle degeneration (shrinking)
Muscle tone lacking
Neck/shoulder tension (trapezius muscle aches)
Nails - general health lacking
Dry nails
Fungus in nails
Vertical grooves or ridges in nails (a sign of malabsorbtion)
Grooves or ridges across nails (a sign of prolonged stress)
Dark lines in nails
Nails turn white when fingers are straight
White spots on nails that grow out with the nail
White spots on nails that do not grow out with nail
Hooked nails
Thickened nails
Nails that split horizontally
Clear nails (part beyond the quick is not white)
Length of nail is less than the width
Cutical on the thumb nail is pointed instead of flat across
Cornors of nails are red (signs of lacking oxygen)
Moon on thumb does not reach 1/4 way up the nail bed
Moon on thumb nail is pointed
There is a moon in small finger nail
Nails have moons only on one hand
A crease across the middle of the neck and another just below the neck
Enlarged area in front of neck between base of neck and middle of neck (It may look swollen)
Nerves - general health
Nerve pain
Nerve sensations of electrical activity
Frequent nose bleeds
Chronic sinus drip
Loss of smell
Dry nose membranes
Nose has a bulbose tip
Nose has a cleft at tip (this is a stronger hint)
Reproduction challenges
Fertility issues
Low sperm count
Menstrual cramps
Hot Flashes
Menstrual problems - general
Heavy periods
Scant or absent periods
Recent history of miscarriage
Cannot start labor
Postpartum depression
Prostate gland health issues (add foods high in lycopene to diet)
Inflammation of prostate
Pain in non-dominant shoulder
Raised shoulders (towards ears)
Shoulders rounded forward
Can't raise arms above head
Trapezius muscle is sore (largest muscle between shoulder and neck)
Indent at tip of shoulder joint is sore (LI-15)
Skin or tissue problems - general
Bed sores
Easily bruised
Calcification of soft tissue
Collagen lacking
Connective tissue weak (sprains easily)
Dehydrated skin
Dry itchy skin, hives or rash
Dry rough skin
Dry skin with dandruff, or frequent boils
Dry scaly skin, or goose-bump-like dry skin
Orifice tissue is poor or problematic
Pale color skin (a change from your normal)
Fair and dark skin may have special needs for melatonin
Tissue restoration problems
Wound healing - slow
Sun sensitivity
Sweat - excessive
Edema (water retention)
Urination = frequent (reduce caffeine and drink smaller amounts of water throughout the day)
Urine is dark, concentrated, or strong
Recent history of urinary stones
Urinary stones are diagnosed as Calcium Oxalate
Metabolic kidney disfunction or weakness
Tenderness inside of leg, between knee and calf muscle
Protein def
Lymph - fluid imbalances or stagnation
Compromised mucus lining of stomach or intestines


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